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Matketing Process and Organization Reengineering

Maximization of sales and reduction of marketing costs are necessary to maximize Marketing ROI. Therefore, continuous improvement of Strategy, Organization and Process, which are drivers for Sales and Marketing costs, is necessary. We offer the following solution for improvement of two of those drivers - organization and process.

Marketing Process Reengineering

After identifying the DNA, it is necessary to disseminate it across the organization. To permeate DNA across the organization, we offer the following solution:

First phase of our solution is current data analysis of processes. In this phase, the current processes are documented after interviewing relevant departments. In the second phase, process improvement areas are identified with reference to best practices. As a result, the following insights would be obtained:

  • Fairness of KPI for each marketing process
  • Understanding of effectiveness of PDCA cycle for each marketing process
  • Improvement points for each marketing process

In the third phase, an improvement proposal is created and implemented.

Marketing Process Reengineering flow

Improvement proposal with reference to best practices

Through this solution, by identifying organizational issues related to marketing activities, we offer support in creating an improvement proposal and implementation of the same.

First phase of our solution is as-is analysis of organization. In this phase, through interviews relevant departments and best practice comparison, organizational improvement areas are identified. As a result, the following insights would be obtained:

  • Whether critical marketing management functions exist or not (example: Is there a role such as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?
  • Status of integration between Marketing management and marketing functions such as Product, Price, Place and Promotion
  • Co-operation level between Marketing and Product Departments on a Global level

Based on the above, in the following phase, an improvement proposal is created and implemented.